Six men gang-raped a 45-year-old woman in the Alwar district, Rajasthan. The accused filmed the obscene act and posted the video online. The incident happened on September 14, 2020, in Tijara Police Station area of Bhiwadi when the woman was coming back from a nearby village with her nephew. They were visiting some relatives there in order to give them some money. According to the police, six to seven men were involved in this crime.

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The FIR was lodged on September 17, 2020 with the Tijara Police Station. the DSP of the police station, Kushal Singh said,”They misbehaved with the woman and assaulted her nephew. They held them captive after which one person raped the woman while others sexually assaulted her. They also made a video and circulated it on social media.The survivor narrated her ordeal to her husband and then a complaint was lodged with the police. Out of the six accused, two have been arrested so far.”

The search for the rest of the accused is still going on.

A similar incident took place in Bihar. Four men gang-raped a 15-year-old girl and later, uploaded the video online. the survivor was coming back home when the four accused men stopped her in her tracks, forcefully took her to an abandoned location and filmed the horrific incident of physical abuse and harassment.

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Another incident happened in Patna, Bihar. A 45-year-old woman was gang-raped by seven men in Gaurichak district, Patna. The accused videotaped the act and uploaded the video online. The incident came to light when the video became viral on the internet. The survivor was about to board rickshaw when the accused offered to drive her home on his motorcycle. Rather than dropping her home, he drove to a secluded area where some other men joined him. Later, while dropping her home, they threatened her to not tell anyone else they will kill her family members.

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