Meet Torch-Bearers of Indian Patriarchy?

To all of us who had our expectations resting on the better sensibilities of the next generation of the youth, let’s hope they rest in peace. Sure, things may be looking up for us on the surface, as gender equality features in our conversations every so often, but the Yuva Nagarik Meter study, administers a shocking reality check.


This all-round test tries to gauge the soundness of one’s overall understanding of society, but the area the respondents fared the worst in, was in showcasing their idea of gender roles.  The results pointed towards a universal encroachment of gender biased attitudes and negative stereotypes amongst the upcoming torch-bearers of our country.


The people were asked various situational and ideological questions. A FirstPost Report highlighting the results, stated that a startling 39% of girls and 43% of boys believed that women must accept, rather, cannot escape a certain degree of violence. Implying that ideologically, these men will subject and women will submit to domestic violence thinking it is their due. Rape, molestation and verbal harassment by strangers, in this case, are obviously indispensable to the future composition of our societal elements.


The report featured another painfully skewed idea that we have been grappling with for generations and generations, crowned its ugly head again: the onus is still resting comfortably on women, for the violence they face. More than half of the 10,000 strong sample believes that clothes provoke violent behavior in men. What’s more- 55 percent of the total women agreed that they call this upon themselves. And 59 percent of the men think if a woman is dressed a certain way, she is ‘asking for it.’


And of course, it is no shocker that the crowd that has by now established what they feel about women’s secondary existence- believes that women belong in the kitchen. As a consolation, 71% agreed that women can do just as well or maybe even better than men professionally. Which is absurd- for it means that women feel they can, but they mustn’t.


By now, you have also probably realized that Love Jihad, honor killings and Dowry, have more takers than we think. Yes, 36% girls and 44% boys agree that women should be grateful that a man and his family would like to take her, rather, purchase her. Her family must feel indebted, and try to pay it off as dowry. While we may have moved forward from demanding a million rupees worth of things to a one rupee coin as a token, the fact remains that families still see some merit in this custom to let it be a part of the sanctorum that is a wedding ceremony.

And lastly, it is absolutely immoral and an invitation to your doom, if you befriend people of the opposite sex who do not belong to your own religion, let alone be spotted with them in public if you do attempt this spectacle.

Original: FirstPost

[Feature Picture Courtesy: The Phoenix News]