Meet the women footballers who would give the men a run for their money

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Women’s football is unfortunately not as widely popular as men’s. Even the Internet thinks so! There seems to be insufficient information, articles, and coverage when it comes to women in football. So, in the light of Euro2016 we at SheThePeople.TV wanted to celebrate some of these kickass women footballers of this generation.

Just last month it was announced that FIFA 16, the PlayStation game, would include women’s teams also! All the more reason for Class 101!

Christine Sinclair – Canada



Picture Credit: vancitybuzz.com


She is arguably the best football player amongst the women. She has scored 148 goals (source: sporteology.com) and is regarded as Canada’s all-time goal scorer. Her game is fierce and attacking. She is the captain of the Canadian national team and led them to an Olympic bronze in 2012. Watch her play and you’ll be amazed by her game!

Lotta Schelin – Sweden



Picture Credit: twitter.com

She’s compared with her fellow Sweden footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, (who’s joined Manchester United now by the way) for her offensive techniques. Even if you don’t know much about women’s football, this is one name you ought to remember. She’s one heck of a goal scorer!

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Steph Houghton – England


Picture Credit: alchetron.com

The child of England, she plays for both Manchester City Club and England’s National Women’s Football team. Being the captain for her team, she deals with some pressure, but that doesn’t affect her game at all. The team is now preparing for Euro 2017 and she believes their game is strong. Go team England!

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Aditi Chauhan – India



Picture Credit: sportskeeda.com

First Indian footballer to play in UK’s West Ham club, she is making India proud! Earlier this year there was a petition doing the rounds on the Internet to approve her visa so she could continue to play with the club. She’s an inspiration to many women in the country who wish to pursue a career in sports. She plays as a goalkeeper and has represented India internationally for many tournaments.

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Marta – Brazil


Picture Credit: frenchyfatim.com

Brazilians have been known to produce some great footballers from time to time, and it holds true with Marta as well. She plays as a forward for the national team of Brazil and is known to be “freakishly good”. Watch out for her at the Rio Olympic Games this year, you won’t be disappointed!

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