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Holly Chapple

American florist Holly Chapple is one of the most successful women in the industry. Her loose, "garden style", arrangements are a rage on Instagram and Pinterest.


The garden style or botanical style is also sometimes known as "Holly-ish." "It is really so ridiculous that that's a phrase, but that's what people tell me," she said, reported NDTV.

It's all about talent

Resident of Waterford, Virginia, Chapple is a self-taught florist. She has neither gone through expensive formal training, nor has any flower business to back her talent.

Chapple has grown up working at her father's garden centre and kept learning on her own. She went on to become a big player with the fame that social media got her.

A chance for Chapple

Chapple has a chance to acquire what she deserves as the American Institute of Floral Designers is set to host its annual symposium. It is known as nation's largest floral education event.


Chapple will be up as the featured opening presenter this year. An independent florist was never allowed to showcase their work till this year.

Suzie Kostick, the symposium's organizer wants, to undifferentiate between brick-and-mortar florists and home-based florists. She said that Chapple is in a "hot seat" as the rivalry in the industry can be huge.

In a report by NDTV, Hitomi Gilliam, an AIFD-certified florist who is friends with Chapple said, "They hate her. They say: 'Oh, she works at home. She's just a 'Basement Betty,' she added.

Chapple said, "It's not my tribe. But I am doing it because I hope it will make a change in the industry."

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How did it all start?


Chapple started her business in 1992 on a front porch. She was just chatting with her neighbour and landed up getting her first wedding event.

Later, she started her own blog and became very popular on social media. In 2010, she assembled several home based florists together in New York City. This turned into a proper organisation called the 'Chapel Designers.'

The group now has 238 designers coming from 35 states and 11 different countries. All these operate under her guidance.

The AIFD presentation scheduled for July is a task for Chapple.  She has 26 weddings and events lined up before that.

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