Meet Designer and Architect Kanika Bawa

Kanika Bawa is an Interior architect with a multi-faceted profile that consists of Life Style Designer, Design Consultant, Trend Forecaster, Lecturer & Professional Trainer, Product Designer, Hotel furnishing designer and now an Installation designer. Having spent 19 years in the design fraternity, Kanika believes there is still so much to learn.

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“My “soul” is design-centric. I love colour experimentation. My designs, whether it is interiors, product, installation, furnishings, all have the intrinsic Indian vein but in a contemporary context. My design depicts the internationally /globally desi’ nerve,” she tells SheThePeople.TV.

Kanika Bawa with her Kolhapuri Chappal art installation

Kanika Bawa with her Kolhapuri Chappal art installation.

Inspiration doesn’t always come easy, and we ask Kanika what inspires her art.

“My art work stems from a deep philosophical nature, a sense of spirituality that blossoms with each piece. All my art portray an effort to remember, respect and revive Indian traditions,” she says. “My parents have been my rock throughout my journey. My little daughter Kashish, who is 6yrs old, is the spark who inspires me to create. Sometimes she even gives her inputs as a child artist.”

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Kanika shares some of the aesthetics that she has been following throughout her life which have helped her work and been a source of inspiration:

Dare to experiment
Infusing the 5 cosmic elements in nature- ‘The 5 tattwa’
The world is not black, white or grey—infusing colour in design
Creating Indian contemporary design with an Indian soul
Design is part psychology, part sociology and part ‘magic’
My design captures the spirit of the client and the ‘essence’ of space
MULTIFUNCTIONAL art Installations
It tells the story how diverse the interests and passion of homeowners is
I believe design must seduce, shape and perhaps more importantly evoke an emotional response, along with utility

Talking about the art scene in India, Kanika comments, “There is a visible change in the Indian Artscape today. Indians today are finally exploring the arena of the art installations that make spaces artsy. Art installations are escaping the four walls of art galleries and entering into the homes, it is being appreciated by one and all. Indian audience is making a conscious effort to curate their home with new trendy, art installations.

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Kanika Bawa has also been associated with GoodHomes for Art Festival and there initiative towards creating ‘JUGALBANDHI’ or merging art with a social cause. Kanika says, “Art with a cause is a more powerful medium of communicating with the masses.” According to her, things are changing. She says, “Today a larger segment of Indian audience is enjoying, evaluating and relating to the expression of art. It has the ability to shape public as well as private spaces.”

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