The Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi did not just win elections, it also won thousands of hearts. With people like Arvind Kejriwal and Meera Sanyal who involved themselves in campaigning at the grassroot level, the party managed to get 67 out of 70 seats. Despite controversies around AAP internal politics, what cannot be taken away is their landslide win.
SheThePeople.TV spoke to Aam Aadmi Party member Sanyal about their landslide victory and the party’s plans to promote women empowerment.
As Interviewed by Shubhangini Arora
After all of this struggle, how does it feel to see the Aam Aadmi Party making a comeback in Delhi?
“It is a really happy moment – the faith and confidence reposed in AAP by the people of Delhi is wonderful,” said Sanyal, who spent most of the last four months campaigning in Delhi with the party local party members.
AAP has promised to take substantial steps in making Delhi, which is shamefully also called the rape capital of the country- a safer place for women. What will be the immediate plan of action of the party, in this context?
 Through our Women Dialogue we identified several concrete measure to make Delhi safer for women. To name just a few we have the following objectives:
– the installation of CCTVs,
– Marshalls on DTC busses
– Women’s security force
– ensuring street lights work so there are no dark spots,
– ensuring last mile connectivity for women commuters,
– Setting up the 47 fast track Courts that had been commissioned during AAPs 49 day Govt.
AAP has always promoted itself as a party of the people, what role do you see women playing in the party in Delhi now?
“There are many strong & competent women in AAP, and we have a group called AAP Shakti which is active both nationally and in every ward of Delhi. This is also the party of the Aam Aurat !” (The party fielded 6 women in Delhi in the elections all of whom won from their respective constituencies.)
 With AAP winning in the capital of the country, how hopeful are you about its impact in other parts of India, especially your city, Mumbai?  
The AAP victory in Delhi has sent a message of hope through out the country – that honest politics and transparent and accountable governance can and will succeed. Mumbai, like the rest of the country is energised by this outcome.
 Coming from, and being a leader in the financial world, how do you see yourself contributing to the party now? 
 “I have been helping with Policy matters most recently through the very successful Delhi Dialogues and will continue to do so,” said Sanyal, who is the former CEO & chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland in India.
[Picture Courtesy: Outlook Business]