Medical Student In Odisha Found Dead In Hostel Room: Report

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Medical Student Found Dead: A girl, identified as Nirupama Nanda, was found hanging from the window of her hostel room in Odisha on Wednesday. She was a medical student at the Bhima Bhoi Medical College in Odisha, said the dean of the institute Sabit Mohapatra. The girl’s father alleged that she was murdered. The cause for death is yet to be determined.

Mohapatra, the dean, said that she was found hanging by her dupatta and had already died. He added that some chemical smell was coming from her hostel room. According to him, the girl, a third-year MBBS student at the college, was watching a cricket match on her mobile phone in a room adjacent to hers, along with her friends, shortly before she was found dead.

All of them allegedly left for their respective rooms later, to have dinner. After a while, the girl’s hostel mate, got a call on her phone asking her to inquire about the girl’s condition. When she reached the room, it was locked from inside, and there was no response after repeated knocks on the door, even other hostel mates joined in.

Nitin Kushlkar, the Bolangir police superintendent stated that the girl’s post-mortem has been conducted and the report is awaited.

Kushalkar added that they had sealed the girl’s hostel room and would send in a forensic team to detect any traces of the chemical substance, as has been alleged. The police are reportedly waiting for the reports of the post-mortem before reaching any conclusions.

The girl’s father suspects that his daughter has been murdered. He said that recently, the results of the back paper on the ongoing semester had been published. According to him, before the results, the other inmates had a good bonding with the girl, but after they were published, they allegedly had stopped interacting with her and she was left one for meals. He reported that he was alerted about the incident around 12:10 at night and that she did not look like she had died by suicide.

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