Me Too, Time’s Up, National Women’s Law Center launch “We, As Ourselves” Campaign

Me Too black survivors campaign

Three organisations namely Me Too, Time’s Up and the National Women’s Law Center have launched the  “We, As Ourselves,” campaign. The campaign is an initiative which aims at changing the conversation about sexual crimes, and address it’s impact on the Black community.

Through the campaign, the organisations will create safe zones for black survivors where they can get their voices heard. They will get an opportunity to tell their stories and also modify the harmful cultural narratives against their community.

Me Too founder says that the campaign aims to fully support the black community

‘We, As Ourselves’ is our love offering and our promise to not just show up, but to show up better and in full support of Black survivors, regardless of gender, sexuality, status or ability,” said Tarana Burke, founder and executive director of Me Too International, in a statement. She also stated that if this campaign becomes a support system to each black survivor, the organisations will be “one step closer to dismantling the systems that perpetuate sexual violence.”

It’s worth noting that the coalition had released a video that was a tribute from celebrities, activists for the black community‘s survivors. The tribute was called  “Love Letter to Survivors.”

“The labour of Black women lies at the core of our culture, our economy and our democracy, yet our voices and our needs are continually sidelined and ignored both by the media and our institution’s writ large,” said Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center.

The three organisations will also organise a ‘week of action’ for the black survivors in April this year. Monifa Bandele, the chief operating officer for the Time’s Up Foundation said that black women are often excluded from such sensitive conversations and a false narrative is built around them. They are often seen as dangerous and destructive people.