Mayawati Breaks Alliance With Akhilesh Yadav’s SP In A Tweet

Mayawati Breaks Alliance

Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) Chief Mayawati on Monday announced in Twitter Thread that BSP will contest all elections alone from hereon. The party which had come in alliance with Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party (SP) before the Lok Sabha Elections this year and had left the possibilities of contesting state elections too with SP ended the speculations now.

Both SP and BSP had been each other’s biggest rivals who have their territories in place in Uttar Pradesh. They both came together during the Lok Sabha elections to cut BJP’s seats in the elections, which did not become a reality as both the parties cumulatively won 15 seats while BJP took the major share of 62 seats out of the total 80 LS seats of the state. Mayawati said in the tweet that SP’s behaviour after the elections forced BSP to reconsider if the alliance will be successful in defeating BJP in state elections.

While the Maha alliance of BSP-SP and Rashtriya Janta Dal won a total of 15 seats, BSP candidates won 10 seats and SP candidates won five seats.

“Therefore, in the interest of the party and the movement, now BSP will contest all future elections, big and small, on its own,” she said in a string of tweets that also defended the decision to ally with SP.

“Samajwadi Party had taken several anti-Dalit measures during its tenure in 2012-17 in Uttar Pradesh, but the BSP decided to join hands with SP in the interest of the nation. The state government under SP was anti-Dalit, created problems in reservation in promotions and there was deterioration of law and order situation in the state. BSP upheld the coalition norms in the national interest,” Mayawati tweeted.

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“Therefore, in the interest of the party and the movement, now BSP will contest all future elections, big and small, on its own,”

BSP had a 150-minute late night meeting on Sunday night where Mayawati exhibited a study of the performance of the party. She has been critical of the alliance right after the election results came out as 10 days after the results; she declared that her party would contest the bypoll assembly elections independent of the alliance. However, she did clarify that this isn’t a permanent decision and that both parties can come together only if Akhilesh Yadav behaved properly, HT reported.

The decision of the break-up of the alliance became final after Mayawati reportedly resorted to SP alone for the poor performance of the alliance in the Lok Sabha elections. She put the blame on SP’s leadership for the loss.

Picture credit: The Universal News

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