‘No Country for Women’ Masaba Gupta on Asifa Rape Case

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The brutal case of gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old child in Jammu’s Kathua village has shaken the country’s conscience in a way that Nirbhaya’s did in 2012. While the case has been coloured with reasoning and rationality of politics and religion, the rest of the country is outraging against it for what it is—sexual offence and horrific murder of a child. Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta is the latest to shout out against the case as she pens down her thoughts on Twitter.

As the general scenario right now, the people of the country are waiting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak up on the current state of affairs against women and so it is only appropriate that Gupta also called out to PM Modi. She wrote, “As a woman, I didn’t know who else to write to @narendramodi ?? #KathuaHorror.”

The founder of House of Masaba, questioned the ministers who speak ill of women in their speeches and comments and said, “As a woman if I were to make this clear, many of your own men say things in the parliament or otherwise at public outings that reeks of disrespect towards us and I am beginning to wonder if this is where the general disrespect for women stems from?”

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“If this is about us being provocative (which I find NOTHING wrong in), let me address that… some of our hemlines got longer, our smiles got less friendlier… we stopped taking the elevator with a stranger and we pulled our mothers’ scarves to cover our chests in the most modest of outfits with such natural ease, it is almost tragic.

She contends, “Barbarism has to be met with barbarism.” She also appeals to educate young girls about crimes like rape.

She went on to describe the tragic state of safety is in our country. Then she comes back to Asifa and how children should not become a part of this tragic state. “Where does an eight-year-old feature in any of the above? What should she fear and why? Children don’t need to fear anything. Why should her head be smashed with a stone for no fault of her own?”

Gupta raises a pertinent question that most of us fail to ask—why is it so hard to pronounce judgement in this case?

She contends, “Barbarism has to be met with barbarism.” She also appeals to educate young girls about crimes like rape.


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