MapMyGenome and NextDrop innovative startups says Fast Company

American entrepreneur magazine Fast Company has picked two Indian companies as amongst most innovative in the world. Both led by women entrepreneurs, MapMyGenome and NextDrop are founded Anu Acharya and Anu Sridharan respectively.

There are a total of 10 companies chosen by the business magazine among which, NextDrop is listed on the fifth position while MapMyGenome is listed on the eighth spot.

Anu Sridharan Next Drop Banner SheThePeople

Anu Sridharan On SheThePeople

Both the ideas were born out of a ‘necessity.’ Talking about NextDrop, Anu Sridharan, the founder uses technology and data to solve urban area water problems and distribution. She returned to India from Berkeley for a project when she realised the water problem of Hubli, a small locality near Bangalore. She saw that people kept waiting for water to arrive as part of their everyday lives and thought of doing something about it. And in 2010 was born NextDrop, which sends a message on the users’ mobile to alert them of water arrival in their nearby municipal-corporation-installed taps.

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Anu Acharya Founder of MapMyGenome

Anu Acharya Founder of MapMyGenome

MapMyGenome, set up in 2013, is an IITian’s brainchild. Anu Acharya spent most of her life being an innovator in the science field. With MapMyGenome, Anu delivers a kind of ‘Genomepatri’ by gene mapping and helping you trace your health history to diagnose any chances of diseases and help taking prevention.