Bihar Man Marries 6 Women Across 4 States, Caught By Brother-In-Law

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A Bihar man who married six women across four states was busted after one of his brothers-in-law caught him. The brother-in-law spotted the man with another woman at the railway station. On being taken to the police station, the man revealed that he was married to six different women.

The 50-year-old man, identified as Chhotu Kumar hails from the Javatari village under the Barhat police station area. The husband of six had four children from his first wife and two children with another woman who he left a year and a half ago.

Kumar’s wife Manju’s brother, Vikas, spotted Kumar at the Jamui railway station. Kumar was with another woman and Vikas informed his family about the same. After the woman told Vikas that she was Kumar’s wife, the family took him to the railway police station.

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Bihar Man Marries 6 Women Across 4 States

The railway police treated it as a family matter and let Kumar go after he pledged he would appear at the police station whenever required.

Manju’s mother Kobia Devi spoke to the police and revealed that in 2018, her daughter got married to Kumar and the couple had two children. Around one and a half year ago, Kumar left the house under the pretence of bringing medicine and never returned.

Devi said, “Chhotu had cheated on us. He is also married to Kalavati Devi, a resident of Ranchi and both also have four children.”

However, Kalavati Devi and Manjur aren’t the only women who were wronged by Kumar.

According to the police, Kumar worked as a singer in Deoghar’s Maa Sharda Orchestra. The singer is married to women from Chinwaria, Ranchi, Sunderkand, Sangrampur, Deoghar, and Delhi.

The police also revealed that Kumar had children with each of his wives.

Police also said that the complainants are the second wife’s family members, and no other complaint has been lodged yet. If a complaint is lodged, the police will investigate the matter.

The brother-in-law Vikas alleged that Kumar would entertain others as a singer and married wherever he went to perform. He alleged that Kumar would marry a woman and then run away before getting married again.