Man Helps In Teen Girl’s Rescue From Delhi Brothel

What this 25-year-old man did reaffirms our belief that Good Samaritans do exist in the world! According to a report by NDTV, a man sent a Facebook message to Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Malliwal, informing them about a 15-year-old girl who was stuck in a brothel on GB Road in Delhi. In a series of events that followed, the girl was finally rescued from the redlight area.

In the message sent to the Commission, the man had provided information about the girl he had met there. He was then called to the DCW office where he provided the authorities with more information about the girl’s whereabouts. The commission — with the help of police — rescued the girl from brothel No.58 on Friday night.

According to DCW, the victim was a native of Bihar and both her parents had expired when she was very young. She had come here after being kidnapped from her aunt’s house by an unknown woman. She was nine years old when she had been sold to this brothel on GB Road.

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“She was asked to entertain her first customer at the age of 11. When she tried to resist, she was tied to a pole and brutally beaten up. She claimed to have been raped by five men and since then, she was forced to sleep with men every night,” the statement said. The owner also forced her to hide her real age during police raids.

All her attempts to run away from the brothel had been in vain since there were CCTV cameras installed because of which she was caught every time she chalked a plan

She had even expressed her desire to escape to this man who had visited the brothel but the man was beaten up after the owner eavesdropped on their conversations.

The girl wants to take legal action against the owner of the brothel. She fears that her life is still in danger, she said in a statement. Police authorities haven’t registered an FIR yet.

As per a report released by the Indian National Crime Records Bureau of the Ministry of Home Affairs, 20,000 children and women fell prey to human trafficking in 2016.

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