US Man Holds Girlfriend, Her Kids Captive For Two Years

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A woman and two children emerged from the side door of a man’s house, as the police were trying to get him to open the door for a welfare check at his house in Virginia, US. The women said that her boyfriend did not allow her and her children outside the house since the last two years.

The woman had been dating Muhammad Moore. After being rescued, the woman told the police that Moore had not held her in bondage within the house, but had still forbidden her to ever leave. The neighbours in the area say that Moore had covered every window of the home so that nobody could see inside the house.

No one had ever filed a missing person’s report for her or for her children, according to the police. However, a neighbour, who had not seen the family around, became worried and called the police to investigate.

After their rescue, the woman and her two children went to a medical facility. The facility gave them medical care for health conditions they had been unable to treat for years. The medical facility has released the two children. Other family members are in charge of their care. The police said that neither of the children, aged 8 and 11, had ever been to a school.

The suspect’s mother, Harriette Moore, told the Washington Post that she had not seen her son in five years.

“I’m trying to hold up,” she said. “I can’t get it together. I raised my children to make their own way and become someone in the world.”

“I just about came out of my skin when I found out what was going on right underneath my nose,” a neighbour said.

The police arrested him on three counts of abduction by force, intimidation or deception and one count on assault and battery.

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