Man gives Triple Talaq in return of refusal of dowry

Triple Talaq

A woman named Afrin has claimed that her husband sent her a message with Triple Talaq to divorce her because her parents refused to give dowry. The police told on Monday that Mumbai-based Ibrahim sent the message of triple talaq to Afrin after her parents rejected his demand of two lakh rupees as dowry on March 27.

Through Triple talaq, a Muslim man can divorce his wife anytime anywhere without any legal proceeding or going to the court. This is being used in raucously by men and is exploitative of women’s equality rights in the country.

It was Afrin’s family members who filed an FIR against Ibrahim, his father Iradat and mother Rajina for demanding dowry. Afrin had been married to Ibrahim for four years now and she was living with her parents in Udaypur Bhooda village since the last six months now.

Triple talaq is a grave matter that is seeing legal proceedings in the Supreme Court. Even while the judgment on triple talaq is in the apex court and hearings on it are going on, many cases have surfaced in the country. Just a month ago, a man in Hyderabad had also divorced his wife by merely putting his display picture as an image which said talaq thrice on it.

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  • The debate on triple talaq sparked last year when Muslim women’s activist Noor Jehan Safia Niaz and  Zakia Soman founders of Bharitiya Muslim Mahila Andolan filed a petition against the ill practice of triple talaq. The AIMPLB has always supported triple talaq and have even requested SC to not meddle with personal laws in the country.
  •  Many muslim activists, lawyers, political parties have stated their opinion on this form of divorce in the Muslim community. The Allahabad court has even passed a judgment that triple talaq should be banned in the country.
  • The SC has sought May 11-19 to hear the pleas of Muslim women who are against this ritual after which the apex court will come to a final judgment on this issue. Muslim women have waited for long to get triple talaq abolished and this dream may come true in the near future.
  • AIMPLB in its attempt to save triple talaq has accumulated close to five crores signatures and statements of women wanting to keep triple talaq in the country. Mohammad Wali Rahmani, General Secretary of the AIMPLB, urged women from across various states to come forward and show their stand on triple talaq.
  • Similar to this, the law panel has also started inviting public opinion on the contentious Uniform Civil Code through a detailed questionnaire. It has already received more than 40,000 responses.

Earlier in a conversation with SheThePeople.TV, advocate Farha Faiz had said, ““Muslim women definitely are secure under Sharia law but what the Personal Law Board is doing (is) giving significance to triple talaq and nikaah halala which are not written in the Quran. The AIMPLB is not even a legal entity, it is just an NGO. They have a misleading name which has for years misguided both the Muslims and the Indian government.”

Since AIMPLB has no legally binding authority, it is not the best judge for the community, she says. “But Muslims need to be aware of this fact and not be fooled by the Personal Law Board,” she contended.

picture credit- Indiatimes