Mamata Banerjee’s Griha Laxmi Scheme To Distribute ₹5000 In Goa If Voted To Power

griha laxmi scheme ,Mamata Banerjee Vs CBI
Mamata Banerjee led All India Trinamool Congress has decided to distribute ₹5000 in Goa if it is elected to power in the upcoming elections in Goa scheduled in February 2022.

Trinamool Congress will be contesting for all seats in the state.

Griha Laxmi Scheme:

Under the Griha Laxmi scheme, the party has decided to distribute ₹5000(₹60,000 yearly) to a woman in every  household per month. This will be given as income support to counter the rising inflation once the party is elected to power in the coastal state.

All India Trinamool Congress, led by Mamata Banerjee has decided to contest election in the state from all the 40 seats. Currently, BJP led government in Goa distributes ₹1500 to the women in selective household. It targets 1.5 lakh houses in the state due to the bar on income ceiling. However, the scheme of TMC will be covering all the 3,5 lakh household in the state.

As per Mahua Moitra of TMC party, “The Griha Laxmi scheme of the party will also do away with the maximum income ceiling, which is mandated in the current Griha Aadhar scheme of the BJP government in the state”.

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The Griha Adhaar implemented by BJP in Goa reportedly distributes around ₹ 140 crore in the state whereas the scheme requires ₹ 270 crore, due to which benefits could not reach many households.

The party will stand for February 2022 assembly elections in Goa. The direct cash transfer scheme will be made through unique cards. The party will be distributing cards with unique identification numbers before the election to the women in state. However, the cards will become operational once the Trinamool Party forms the government in Goa.

The Indian National Congress representative , Priyanka Gandhi, on December 10,2021 announced that it would provide 30% jobs for woman if they are voted to power.

Pramod Sawant, the member for BJP was sworn in as the Chief Minister on March 19, 2019 after death of former Defence Minister of India and Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.