Older of Barack Obama’s two daughter, Malia Obama will attend Harvard University. She will be taking a gap year and begin in the fall of 2017, according to an announcement by the White House. She’ll be a member of the class of 2021. Malia was 10 when he took the highest office in the land.

Students who take a gap year after high school typically use the time to travel overseas, volunteer, work or explore special interests. It’s a well-regarded way to catch one’s breath before four or more years of university study, and a detour that Harvard and other top universities encourage.

Reports in American press say Chelsea Clinton began her undergraduate studies at Stanford University in California in the fall of 1997  before her father, Bill Clinton, departed office in early 2001.

George Bush’s twin daughters began college just months before their father’s election in 2000 with Jenna Bush Hager attending the University of Texas and Barbara Pierce Bush attending Yale University, her father’s school. Both graduated in 2004, near the end of their father’s first term.