How To Make Your Kitchen Zero Waste

Udisha Srivastav
Jun 11, 2018 07:34 IST
Make kitchen zero waste

One of the major concerns for all of us is the disposal of waste and the “how” and “where” around it. With increased urbanization, and modernization, it has become laborious to counteract this problem. The tonnes of non-biodegradable waste produced daily puts a heavy risk on the environment. However, a bit of mindfulness from our side would be rewarding. Read on to know about some handy tips.


Think “Out of the plastic box”.

How many plastic containers can you count as soon as you enter your kitchen (be honest)?

Plastic products occupy a large part of our kitchens be it your water bottles, lunch boxes, spoons, zip lock pouches and so on.  Most of the food items in our kitchen are kept in these boxes which is quite unsafe as plastic leaches chemicals in your food. Not only unhealthy, it is also difficult to dispose of because it doesn’t get decomposed easily. Thus, your grandmother’s glass jars are a perfect alternative to opt for.


Use wisely, re-use smartly.

Your kitchen can be an innovation centre if you are a smart chef. You may use your fruits bags as scrubbers, apply apple peels on your eyes to avoid dark circles and banana peels on your rashes. Swap Paper towels for cloth or old towels. Make your own cleaning solutions and room freshener with the help of daily cooking ingredients.  

Grocery: It's good to be “choosy” Sometimes.


Whenever you go to a grocery store, don’t be on a buying spree. To avoid waste it is necessary to buy only the items that you need. It’s always good to “think before you buy”. However, it is always worth to buy some food items like flour, rice, wheat grains and others in bulk. There are others items as well which mostly comes in packaged forms. Thus, buying in bulk would favour cutting the waste to a great extent.

Do you remember - “Compost”?

You may do some practice in your leisure time which would be both fun and environment-friendly. Preparing compost is an excellent way to treat the organic matter like the vegetable peel, fallen leaves, and food scraps. This organic mixture could be further used as a natural fertilizer for the soil.


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Use long-lasting products

Let's say NO to throwaway culture. Invest in quality tools which will last you a lifetime, use wooden and cast iron utensils instead of plastic crockery. Think of a few types of equipment that are hanging on your kitchen wall. Do you use them all? Obviously no. Thus, give away your unused cookware and appliances. Keep your Kitchen minimalist.


Stop leaks and Use Energy Efficient appliances

Spot a slow-dripping leaky kitchen tap, and try to fix it. Use energy-efficient refrigerators, ovens and other such electronic tools.

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Udisha Srivastav is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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