Nafisa Kapadia has successfully turned her passion for food into her business. Founder of The Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai, Kapadia explains: “I was just going by what I’ve heard people say all the time about making your passion your profession and that’s exactly what I’ve done.”

The weekend pop-up at home was actually the idea of Munaf Kapadia, Nafisa’s son. Four years on, Munaf is still on board with his mom in spreading the flavours of happiness.

He has quit his full-fledged job at Google and turned home chef, just like his mother. Together, they host 20 guests weekly and Nafisa’s keema samosas and raan are big hits among Mumbaikars. Making Bohri cuisine mainstream is the mom-son duo’s big dream. And, with 30 deliveries each day in and outside Mumbai, their venture is going great guns.

So what does Nafisa like to do in her free time? Watch her favourite TV show Masterchef.

“We stayed in the Bohri Mohallah which is in Bhendi Bazaar. So. I’ve technically grown up with Bohri food all around me” – Nafisa

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How Cooking Happened

“I always used to watch my mother cook and found it interesting. Taking care of all the household tasks and still managing to make food for five people was nothing less than a superwoman task and I aspired to do the same, someday,” Nafisa says.

Nafisa Kapadia, founder of The Bohri Kitchen
Bohri Thali


“I think the society is slowly evolving and understanding the struggles that go in being a home chef. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do the convincing. Munaf did all the work,” says the proud mom.

Bohri cuisine is not very well-known. “It’s still a lesser-known community. Educating people about our culture and food was initially challenging but now, we’re getting there,” she adds.

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Future expansion plans

We have already started a kitchen where I supervise the food that goes out, says Nafisa. “We deliver and even take catering order from the kitchen.”

“We have our dining experiences that happen every weekend. Apart from that we keep associating with brands and do pop-ups with them. We also have a delivery kitchen from where we deliver to homes and offices and we provide catering as well.”

Nafisa Kapadia, founder of The Bohri Kitchen
Weekend Dining: Actor Rishi Kapoor at The Bohri Kitchen

Being Home Chef Is: Introducing Slow Cooking

Bohri food has influences from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Gujarat etc. and our food represents their culture in many ways, the home chef says. “Slow cooking is one of the aspect of Bohri cooking process which I would like to popularize. This method of cooking helps is making the meat tender and the dish ten times more flavourful.”

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Support from family

“They’ve been extremely supportive and encouraged me at every step,” asserts Nafisa.

USP: ‘Maa ke haath ka khaana’

Nafisa Kapadia, founder of The Bohri Kitchen
Bohri Kitchen Feast

Cooking as a Liberated Profession for Women

“I don’t know about others but cooking makes me feel good and liberated. It’s a happy feeling. Yes, women are now taking it up as a career professionally. It’s good to see that a housewife’s or home-chef’s effort now being recognized,” she says.

Nafisa Kapadia, founder of The Bohri Kitchen
Nafisa At Work

About Indians Trying Out New Cuisines

Thanks to the trend for travel, everyone is very open to trying out new food and cuisines.

Loving The Change

“It’s a great career choice if young girls have the right guidance and the confidence it requires,” Nafisa says.

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