Mahua Moitra Clarifies ‘Source Of Money’ For Her Expensive Bag, Responds To Trolling

Louis Vuitton Bag, Mahua Moitra responds to bag controversy
Trinamool Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra whose Louis Vitton bag in Parliament has created a fresh row took a jibe as she replied to a social media user who asked her the source of money, and said, “Modiji sent me some of the proceeds after auctioning his ₹10 lakh suit. I bought a handbag and used the rest to pay lawyer fees.”

A day after Moitra’s video shared by BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla which showed her ‘hiding’ her handbag went viral on social media, Moitra retaliated with a sarcastic remark about where she got the money for her handbag.

Mahua Moitra responds to bag controversy

As the debate swept social media with many trolling the MP,  Moitra also responded with a montage of her photographs carrying that bag and quipping words from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Moitra tweeted, “Jholewala fakir in Parliament since 2019. Jhola leke aye the. Jhola leke chal padenge.” This is a throwback to Modi’s public comments from 2016 when he was referring to his humble roots.

A brief on the Mahua Moitra bag controversy

The incident unfolded when the Lok Sabha was holding a session on price-rise in India on August 1, 2022. The video showed Trinamool Congress MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar speaking in the Lok Sabha and Moitra sitting next to her. Representing her party, Dastidar presented her speech on the price rise that the country is currently suffering from, talking about the plight of the public and the lack of steps taken by the Union Government to control it.

As soon as the MP started her speech, Moitra was seen picking up her handbag and keeping it under the bench. After this, she adjusted herself and began listening to the speech. However, the action was brought to notice by political commentator and author Ajit Datta who shared the video on his Twitter account and wrote, “As the issue of “mehengai” is raised, somebody’s Louis Vuitton bag quickly slides under the bench.”

However, many also came in support of her saying that the politician had a flourishing career as an investment banker before joining politics and the branded bag with her has been there since 2019.

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