Protests Over Mahsa Amini’s Death Continue Amid Internet Restrictions In Iran

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Massive protests are being carried out in Iran over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after the morality police detained her. Female Iranian protestors cut off their hair and burnt hijabs to express their anger over the country’s strict “hijab rules”.

Protests erupted following Mahsa Amini’s death after she was detained by the morality police and Iranian women chopped off their hair and burnt their headscarves. A Twitter user shared an image of chopped-off hair hoisted into the air on a stick and expressed their solidarity with the Iranian protestors.

The morality police responsible for enforcing Iran’s strict dress code detained Amini over her allegedly loose headscarf.

After days of protests, the Internet shutdown observatory NetBlocks, Hengaw, and residents have revealed that the authorities restricted access to the internet. According to Netblocks and residents, access to the social media platform Instagram was restricted and some mobile phone networks were shut down.

Mahsa Amini Death Protests

Amini was arrested on September 12 when she was out with her brother and informed him that she was detained at the morality police headquarters for an educational and orientation class and passed away on September 16.

The United Nations statement said there were reports that Amini was “beaten on the head with a baton, and her head was banged against the vehicle by the so-called morality police”. The UN condemned Amini’s death in custody and called for an impartial investigation into her death.

The police deny that Amini was mistreated and said she died of a heart attack, while her family says Amini had no history of heart trouble. Amini’s family also alleged they were prevented from seeing their daughter’s body before her burial.

Massive protests erupted in response to Amini’s death and women removed their hijabs and chopped off their hair in protest.

Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejab shared a video of protestors chanting “death to dictator” and removing their headscarves in protest. She wrote, “Removing hijab is a punishable crime in Iran. We call on women and men around the world to show solidarity.”

Iranian protestors took to the streets shouting slogans at a gathering in Amini’s hometown, Saqez. Protest rallies were held in Tehran, the capital of Iran and the police fired tear gas shells to resist the protests. According to Hengaw, a Kurdish human rights group at least 38 people were injured in the protest and 10 protestors had been killed.

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