Woman Clears Secondary School Exams After 37 Years Of Quitting School; Son Pens Heartfelt Note

Kalpana Jambhale Maharashtra Woman Clears SSC After 37 Years
A heartwarming story has gone viral on the internet. The story of a Maharashtra woman completing appearing for her class 10 or Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam nearly four decades after she had to quit. Prasad Jambhale, a senior software engineer with Mastercard, wrote an emotional note about his mother on his LinkedIn and also shared a photo of her report card.

In his note, he writes that at the age of 16, his mother had to quit education after her father died and a financial crisis ensued. “To ensure that her siblings continue their education, she had to quit the education and start working,” he wrote.

Maharashtra Woman Clears SSC After 37 Years

Last year, she learned about the Maharashtra government’s scheme wherein the people who could not complete their Class 10 board exams can now reappear and the cost for training—online and offline—and study materials will be borne by the government. He says she started going to school last December 2021 but was kept secret from him until recently.

Every time he called, he was told she had gone for a walk. “I thought that’s odd that she got interested in walks. Little did I know that she was attending night school. She even managed to keep this secret hidden for a month from my father and brother, who stay under the same roof,” he quipped.

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Prasad elaborated on how she began by learning all the lessons from the SSC curriculum and one day when he was back in India, she showed him her notebook. “I was amazed to see how good she was in Algebra and English. She also showed me photos that how their group of people who left education are now celebrated, now that they have decided to resume,” he adds.

Maharashtra Woman Clears SSC After 37 Years

Kalpana With Others Who Reappeared SSC Exam (LinkedIn)

With each feat, he was only amazed by his mother Kalpana’s ability to learn different things and at the brilliance she possessed.

Kalpana had to appear for an exam in March while Prasad was to get married. “Her exams were in March and my marriage was in February she managed to do all the multitasking needed. And now, here is the result she cleared SSC, not just with passing marks, but with a whopping 79.60%,” he announced ecstatically!

The doting son adds in his emotional note, “Sometimes I feel I am so fortunate that I had no worries about anything and was able to get to the position, just because of the privilege I have. Who knows what my mother could have achieved more? If she had the same privilege as me. Have always been very proud of my mother and now this would always imprint a lesson in my mind, never stop learning, even if has to take an age of 53 to pass the SSC.”

The post received an overwhelming response with many hailing her as an inspiration. He thanked everyone and on behalf of his mother said that she is grateful for the overwhelming response. She expressed gratitude and encouraged everyone to go forward.

While speaking with SheThePeople, Kalpana said that she harboured the wish to complete her Class 10 Boards ever since she was young. “My father was a mill worker and after his death, my mother and I worked to ensure my siblings completed their education. My elder sister had already been married off, I had to shoulder the responsibility. I failed the boards then because I could not appear for the examination.”

Beamingly she says that she was happy to go back to school, learn and finally pass with flying colours. “I was anxious about getting trolled for attending school at my age; however, everyone was warm and welcoming at the institution. I was determined to study and clear my examination and did so with the help of the educators who were very supportive throughout the entire journey.”

When asked about how did she manage to study with the impending wedding of her elder son, she says, she studied in an adjoined small room owned by their neighbours until late at night. “The support I received was overwhelming. Not just my husband and sons, but my daughter-in-law, her family and our extended family, everyone stood by my side,” she added.

Kalpana signed off by saying that education is an important pillar of an individual’s life. “One must persevere and complete their education for themselves instead of giving up,” she said.