Maharashtra: Dwarf Couple Takes Wedding Vows, Netizens Bless Them

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Dwarf Couple
A wedding that took place in the Jalgaon city of Maharashtra has become the talk of the town. Reason? A 36 inch tall groom got married to a 31-inch tall bride. The dwarf couple received blessings by netizens on social media.

Sandeep, the groom, doesn't have any siblings. He is the only child of his parents. His parents have normal height. Ujjawala, on the other hand, has three more sisters and a brother. Everyone except her has a normal height.

Both the families were worried about their future because they both were short in height. It was becoming difficult to find suitable spouses for them. That's when they found each other and got married.

But the journey had its share of ups and downs. There came a time when the bride's family wondered if Sandeep was financially capable enough to look after their daughter. The wedding was called off temporarily but then both sides agreed again. Sandeep has studied till class 12th and also has the experience of working in one of the area's most famous gold shops, as per a report. Their wedding pics are going viral on social media.

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The story of a little couple - Payal and Kapil

The story of Payal and Kapil is also similar. Kapil met her on a dating app for differently-abled people in 2019. He was working at a bank & she was a content creator. They connected instantly & started chatting on Instagram. They fell in love and got hitched. In an interview with SheThePeople.TV, he said, "Payal & I are known as the little couple of India. It's funny how something I was so conscious about has now become my USP. My height doesn’t bother me anymore. Now, whenever people tease us, we just say "Height kam hai par pyaar poora hai"

Their love story has been showered with a lot of love on social media. The couple posts videos on social media together. Their YouTube channel has got 100k subscribers so far. They have also been interviewed by national channels. They even got a 5-day Cordelia cruise free trip to Goa and recently purchased a car.

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Maharashtra dwarf couple Ujjawala