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How Payal Panchal Went From Earning Only 5000 Rupees To 6 Lakhs A Month

Payal Panchal
Payal Panchal used to earn Rs. 5000 a month. She is now a social media influencer earning 6 lakhs a month. How did she do it? SheThePeople chats with her to know her inspiring story.
“Growing up, we had a lot of financial issues. My dad left his home without a penny when I was in 1st grade. He took up a job as a carpenter, while mom worked as a tailor. We didn’t even have basic things like a TV & fridge. As a kid, I’d save my pocket money throughout the month to go shopping. But it was so little, that I was never able to buy anything for my parents.
After school I couldn’t land a good job, but I wanted to do something & that’s how I got onto TikTok. I started making videos when I was 19. Within 20 days, I hit 10,000 followers on TikTok. With my brother’s help I decided to make my account public. I always made lip-syncing videos and one day I made a video in my original voice with my mother and It became viral. People made fun of my voice but I didn’t let it bother me.

Just before lockdown, I hit 2M on TikTok but soon TikTok was banned. I was shattered, but I didn’t give up & started posting videos on Instagram. When I hit the 100k mark, I got the first vehicle of our house for dad; it was a scooty.

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Soon I became a known face and creators started collaborating with me. I hit 600k on Instagram and various new apps launched after TikTok & signed a contract with me. They were paying me 30,000 per month during the lockdown. I was finally making enough money to support my family.

From my income, we got a house and decorated it with around 4 lakhs of furniture. I also opened a Kirana shop for my mother and father so that they get a stable earning. From iPhone to car, I started buying things for my family I’d always wanted them to have.

My principal once called me out saying, ‘you cannot do anything in your life’ and here I am today, earning 6 lakhs a month. It has made me realise that you can achieve anything you put your faith in. People can say what they want to– but don’t let it beat you. They made fun of my voice, but today my voice is my real USP and I am proud of it.”
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