It is a pain today to date or look for love. Specially with our minds focused on making our careers at the same time. Where is the time to meet new people when we struggle to give time to our friends and family? To tackle this millennial problem, Violet Lim of Singapore founded an innovative lunchtime dating app that allows busy young people to give love a shot because everybody — no matter how caught up they are — take time out to have lunch.

The app—Lunch Actually—provides a personalized service that matches users with a lunch date. Lim founded the app along with her husband in 2004. “I knew instinctively that helping people find love is something that I would be able to excel in,” Lim told CNNMoney.

Today, close to a decade and a half, the Lunch Actually Group has brought 3,000 couples successfully together and has a total of 1.4 million user base. Going Beyond Singapore, the dating app now works in six Asian cities like Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta and Penang.

It surprised me to see that many of my colleagues were single and not dating. Most of them were eligible and attractive

The app brings together two people for a face-to-face consultation before setting them up on a lunch date. It remains the company’s largest revenue generator while the company has ventured into other dating services as well.

“It surprised me to see that many of my colleagues were single and not dating. Most of them were eligible and attractive,” she said. “I realized that, like many other busy professionals, they were all busy and married to their jobs,” she added as the reason why she started the dating app.

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Other than Lunch Actually, the Group has delved into Esync, which is a matchmaking website and app for professional consultants. Peerage is another service that refines users’ profiles and arranges more than the first dates. The company also covers LunchClick that works with a set of questionnaire that people have to answer to find their match.

But now the company is reaching newer levels of technology as they let robots decide partners for men and women. It also involves the use of Artificial Intelligence for matchmaking. In 2017, it revealed plans to start Voila.AI. The process will include taking help from AI to find single people their matches and using blockchain technology to verify people’s identity.

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