Ludhiana Cyclist is First Asian Woman to Pedal 1500 km in 7 days

Ludhiana cyclist super Randonneur

The pursuit of health and fitness can propel people to achieve great milestones in life. For instance, 34-year-old Megha Jain,  a woman cyclist from Ludhiana completed 1500 km of cycling in just seven days. With this, she has become the first woman from Asia to achieve the milestone earning the title of Super Randonneuring from a France-based group.

Randonneuring is a non-competitive cycling sport in which participants attempt to cycle long distances within a pre-defined time frame. In super Randonneur series, a cyclist has to pedal 1,500 km in seven days.

The Journey

Megha is a homemaker and it was her tryst with depression that compelled her to take up cycling. “Initially I joined a cycle riders’ group and went on a 200-km ride from Ferozepur Road to Hoshiarpur area. After gaining confidence, I went on a 300 km ride from Patiala to Bhatinda. Then I increased the ride and went from Delhi to Khanna and back covering a distance of about 600 kilometres which I completed in thirty-four hours”, she said.

She qualified for the title of the Super Randonneuring after covering 1500 kilometres in just seven days including two night segments. The event started on the night of November 3.

“The criterion to complete this ride in seven days, was divided into four rides, 200 km, 400km, and 400+600 kilometres. In the first two rides I covered 500 km on the National Highway 1 from New Delhi to Ambala via Hissar. With the completion of first two segments, I developed more confidence and attempted two difficult night segment rides with full confidence and achieved the title of Super Randonneuring.”

“I also feel empowered and fearless as I have been riding during the night hours as well on long rides where we start in groups but many times have to pedal alone due to varied stamina of participants.”, she tells TOI.

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What Next?

Megha doesn’t believe in resting on her laurels. She is now gearing up to achieve the milestone of covering 1000 km in just a single ride in 75 hours to hold another record in cycling.

The Positive Outcome

Megha shares that she started cycling due to health-related issues and she is reaping some great benefits out of it. She doesn’t have to grapple with her thyroid problem anymore. Also, her stamina has increased manifold.

Moreover, her story is definitely an inspiration for many who perceive taking care of their health as an onerous task.

Pic Credit: tribuneindia.com

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