Safety issues have forced women’s groups to raise voice against law and order in Lucknow. The protest took place on Wednesday (May 24) as women — led by members of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) — came forward to complain to the state government about the poor law and order.

The march was to bring to the ruling party BJP’s attention the grave situation of the state and remind it of its electoral promise. The women’s group has demanded rehabilitation of the victims of the Saharanpur fiasco. They also want the victims to be duly compensated and revocation of the ‘false court cases’ against them. The protest was led peacefully and a memorandum of their demands has been sent to the Chief Minister.

“The violence in Saharanpur where homes of 60 Dalits were burnt down, in Bulandshahar where members of the Yuva Vahini lynched a Muslim to death and the continued hooliganism of the anti-Romeo squad against freedom of choice are examples enough to realise that the law and order of the state is in its worst shape,” said Madhu Garg, state president, AIDWA, reported TOI.

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The BJP, in its manifesto before the UP election, had also promised fast-track courts in the ‘Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra’ and recognising that, AIDWA district secretary Seema Rana said, “This is a welcome step, but only by deploying women constables the issue cannot be solved if there is no sensitivity. In fact, the FIR should not be acted upon, but a uniform law sans any social or religious inhibitions should be brought.”

As CM Yogi Adityanath came to power, he launched the Anti-Romeo squad in Uttar Pradesh to control violence against women. The initiative was scrutinised a lot by the media and many living in different parts of the country slammed the move. However, UP does have a severe track record of crimes against women. Time and again, issues of rape videos on sale and girls’ phone numbers being sold for as low as Rs 20 have erupted, earning the state a bad reputation in terms of women’s safety and security.

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