Lucknow Central University’s Female Staff Cannot be on Campus After 6 pm

Govt scheme Women's Safety

Women employees in one of Lucknow’s Central University will be disallowed to stay in the campus beyond 6 pm. R C Sobti, the VC of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University (BBAU), issued the order saying that this will ensure women’s safety after dusk.

The order also makes it compulsory for the women employees to seek the VC’s permission in order to stay in their offices beyond 6 pm.

Citing heinous crimes against women as one of the major reasons behind implementing this extreme measure, the University spokesperson Govind Pandey said,”In recent times, there have been a number of untoward incidents, and it is to avoid such episodes that the vice-chancellor has asked women employees not to stay in office beyond 6pm,” as per a TOI report.

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He also added that all female students who are required to work in the laboratories beyond 6 pm must notify the relevant authorities.

The decision to impose deadlines on women is drawing a lot of flak. A lot of women employees are seeing it as a way of curbing women’s freedom.

“Is this the kind of freedom given to women at work? Is the university trying to shut out women in the name of security?” said an officer requesting anonymity.

She also questioned why, then, had the university reportedly spent Rs 1 crore on installing CCTV cameras on the premises to ensure maximum security.

Hindrance of work will be another cause of worry following the imposition of the rule.”The university has two doctors, one male and one female, who do the night shift, which begins at 8pm, on a rotational basis. The order means the woman officer cannot report for her night shift… won’t that hamper healthcare services?” an employee asked.

Another employee, criticised the decision on grounds of promoting gender bias. “It is strange that BBAU is unable to ensure safety for women officers after 6 pm, but has made no mention of security for male officers. Won’t they require security too, if they have to work till late?” she asked, as reported by HT.

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