Delhi Hospital Records 15 Out Of 40 COVID-19 Infected Children Under The Age Of One During

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 In a recent recording of COVID-19 cases among children, it has been found that 15 children admitted in Delhi’s Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital were not even one year old.

The Delhi government-run Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital has recorded over 400 cases of COVID-19 that included children during the first wave of the pandemic, that is from March 2020 till December 2020.

According to a report, Dr Urmila Jhamb of the hospital mentioned that the aata collected during the second wave does not suggest that children have been infected in large numbers, “but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the third wave”.

COVID-19 Second Wave And Third Wave affecting Kids

During the second wave of the pandemic, the same hospital had over 40 child COVID-19 patients, from April till the current date. 75 cases of infection among children were recorded in the hospital since January 1 this year.

Reportedly a large number of young adults got infected during the second wave, unlike the first time. Similarly, the third wave projected to have a spike in the cases of children being infected. However, this will depend on several factors, including vaccination and reopening of schools, according to Dr Jhamb.

“During the second wave of coronavirus, starting April 1, the hospital has recorded around 40 cases of severe infection among children so far,” she said, “Of these, around 15 were aged below one.”

The number only gives information on serious cases and not the actual number of cases as only those with severe symptoms were admitted to the hospital. The head of the hospital’s paediatrics department said, “We admitted only severe cases, those who required oxygen or ventilator, this time. That’s why the number seems low (compared to last year)”.

Dr Jhamb On Death Of A COVID Positive Baby

Jhamb addressed the death of a month-old COVID-positive baby who died due to severe dehydration earlier this month.

“We couldn’t do much,” she said, “The child passed away two hours after he was brought to the hospital.”