10 Things We Love About Little Things And Why

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Netflix has just announced the fourth and final season of Little Things, and while we’re a little sad that its going to be the last we’ll see of them, we cannot help but be super excited for the new season to come!

Little Things, the much- loved, mini romcom series starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal in lead roles. The show follows a couple, living together, in their 20s, navigating the ups and downs of life, work and relationships. It is based in contemporary Mumbai. Netflix India’s twitter post read- “We laughed with them, cried with them, and now it’s almost time to bid them farewell. Join us for the final season of #LittleThings, streaming 15th October”.

Here are 10 things that we love about the show-

  1. Mithila Palkar as Kavya Kulkarni- Mithila Palkar essays the role of Kavya perfectly- a cute, bubbly, curly- haired Mumbai-chi-mulgi. Her character is very lovable and everyone needs a friend like her.
  2. Dhruv Sehgal is also perfect as the boyfriend we all want, annoying, but very cute, and always down to do anything for his lady love.
  3. Dhruv and Kavya’s chemistry is also the one thing to look out for. They seem perfect for each other, navigating through their ups and downs together, and being each other’s biggest support system. They really are the cutest couple.
  4. Another thing to look out for in little things is the rawness of the show. All situations and scenarios are very in touch with reality and it is not like the fairy tale romance we usually see in media. Their journey sure is beautiful, but the show does not shy away from also portraying the problems that may arise in a relationship.
  5. Little Things also teaches us a lot, about the lessons in life, one of the most memorable lines for me personally, is when Kavya says, “We’re not extraordinary people. We have to in fact work extra hard to make our everyday special”.
  6. One thing about the show that never fails to amaze me is how it depicts urban life so beautifully. Most of us live in urban settings, and even Little Things, is based in contemporary Mumbai, but there is something about how it’s made that makes us feel so amazing about the place they, you and me, and most others live in.
  7. The biggest reason why Little Things struck a chord with young couples in the country was because of how relatable it is. It showcases the simple, everyday things that go on in couples’ lives, the small moments of happiness, and those of grief and frustration. It stays in touch with reality.
  8. Many expect characters in shows and movies to be the ideal person, and “perfect” but this show, along with showing how the two are amazing people, also touches upon their vulnerabilities and flaws as a person. They are just like you and me, they aren’t perfect people, but they’re also trying to do their best.
  9. Little Things is a good example of how a healthy relationship should be like. Dhruv and Kavya have their happy moments and the sad ones, but they never fail to support each other and also prioritise each other.
  10. Finally, it teaches us to celebrate and appreciate the little things in life, and depicts the beauty in the little moments in life and love, that matter.

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