Better Late Than Never: Library Book Returned After 51 Years With An Apology Note

Library Book Returned
Library book returned after 51 years with a note that says “Sorry it’s a bit late” in Vancouver, Canada. The Vancouver Public Library posted an image of the long-overdue book with a note apologising for the late return.

The Vancouver Public Library’s post was captioned “Such a sweet note in this book retuned to our South Hill Branch slightly overdue (51 years!).” A library book returned after 51 years would usually result in a hefty overdue fee, but since the library had recently removed late fees, the anonymous returner will not be charged. The post mentioned that eliminating fines would leave to greater access to all.

The note read, “From your library, very sorry it’s a bit late. ’51 years’ but in very nice condition. Thank you”.

The overdue book was ‘The Telescope’ and was written by Harry Edward Neil. The borrowed book was meant to be returned on April 20, 1971 according to the due date stamped on a card inside the book.

The book was stamped with “Overdue fines 5 cents per day”. The book would have garnered a heavy fine after 51 years if the library still charged late fees for overdue books.

Social media users were amused by the post and one user said that “I imagine telescopes have upgraded a bit”. Another quipped “Hope they had the time to read it.” A user said that it was “Better late than never, indeed!”

Similar Incident Of A Library Book Returned After Years

Library book returned to London from Canada after 48 years. The Tooting Library in London received a package from Canada that contained a copy of a book overdue by 48 years. The book was ‘A Confederate General from Big Sur’ written by Richard Brautigan.

In a statement, the library said that “Here at Wandsworth library service we were surprised and delighted this week to have a book returned to us in the post all the way from Canada. We were then even more surprised to find the book had been borrowed in 1974 and was overdue by approximately 48 years and 107 days.”

The library posted images of the book in hopes of finding the person who returned the book, and the 72-year-old retired judge Tony Spence came forward and identified himself.

According to the officials, if the fees weren’t capped at 10 and a half dollars, then the overdue fines would have reached about 7,618 dollars.

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