They Are Not Letting Me Play: Eight-Year-Old Complains To Cops

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An eight-year-old boy approached the Kerala police with an unusual complaint, about five girls one of them is his elder sister.  He asked the police to arrest them because they were not playing with him. The boy went to the police after his father joked with him that he can file a complaint about the way his sister and others were treating him and not playing with him.

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Nobody is letting Umar play

Umar Nidar informed the police on Monday that “They are making fun of me because I am a boy. They are not allowing me to play ludo, shuttle (badminton), Police and Thief game with them”. The boy was pretty upset and annoyed for not being able to play with his friends due to the lockdown. To top it all, his sister and others were also not including him in their games either.

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The complaint was put down in English by Umar who is currently in the third standard. The problem was written down on the paper and given to the two police officials. When they were visiting the boy’s neighborhood to look into another complaint on May 10th.

The police finds a solution

Civil police officers UP Umesh and KT Niraz of Kasba Police station where the two officers to whom the boy had approached. “I have a complaint,” said Umar and handed them the piece of paper. Although it was late evening at that time, so the policeman said that they would come by tomorrow to find a resolution to this. Lucky for the boy the two officers did keep their promise and stopped by the boy’s house the next day.

While trying to resolve the problem the two policemen advised the girls to take him along.

The boy said, “I told them several times to take me along in their games, but they refused”.After listening to all this, the police called the other girls along with his sister and asked them not to leave him out and letting him play with them. Also, while trying to resolve the problem the two policemen advised the girls to take him along.

This is an adorable story. And we appreciate that the cops who are definitely overburdened with work didn’t break the heart of a little boy and humoured him. Reading about this has definitely cheered us up.

Pic: David Clarke-Unplash

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