Meet Author Who Combined Book Of letters To Kamala Harris

letters to kamala harris
Letters to Kamala Harris: When Dr Peggy Brooks-Bertram called for letters to US Vice President Kamala Harris to be included in her latest book, ‘Dear Kamala: Women Write to the New Vice President.’ 

The author was overwhelmed with the response she received. Letters from women of all ages came from different parts of the world. She said that the letters come even now after the deadline has passed. The book is combined with a total of 120 letters. 

Now that the book is officially launched, Brooks-Bertram is looking forward for Kamala Harris to read the book. 

Here are 10 things to know about the author Dr Peggy Brooks-Bertram

  1. Apart from a writer, Brooks-Bertram is also a playwright, poet and dramatist. One of her plays titled, ‘Dynasties of Kush’ was selected to be included in the First International Women’s Playwright Conference at the University of Buffalo in 1988. 
  2. Born in 1943 in Baltimore of the city of Maryland, USA, she moved to Buffalo, New York in 1986 with her husband, Dennis A. Bertram. She is a mother of two children, Dennis Ivor-jean and Lillian-Yvonne Margaret Bertram. 
  3. After completing B.A. Political Science from Goucher College in Baltimore, she did her Masters and received Doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. Later, she completed a second Doctorate in American Studies from the University of Buffalo in 2002. 
  4. Brooks-Bertram has interests spread across topics especially in African American history. She is the founder and CEO of  Jehudi Educational Services. It is an independent consulting firm specialising in curriculum development of classes from kindergarten to 12th. She has also helped in establishing other community development organisations including WASET Cultural Heritage Society, Saturday School for African American Children and the Uncrowned Queens Institute for Research and Education on Women, Inc. 
  5. She is a pioneer at public health activism of African American women and depression and developmental disabilities and African Americans. In fact, she has penned a few popular books on depression such as ‘Social and Psychological Aspects of Women’s Health: A Diversified Perspective.’
  6. The author has also been very active in promoting public education and also is a lead advocate of parent involvement in public schools. In addition to chairing several committees, she has co-founded the Concerned Parents and Citizens for Quality Education. This team is set up to increases public awareness of educational issues, organising parents as effective advocates as well as securing public funding to educate parents. letters to Kamala harris 
  7. Her special concern for families of children with neurological impairments led her to be a part of the establishment of the Alliance of Neurological Impairments. This is a parent-based organisation to provide services for families with children who suffer from neurological conditions such as Prader Willi Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, Narcolepsy and Spina Bifida. 
  8. Dr Peggy Brooks-Bertram also has proved her skills and interest in broadcasting service too. She had produced her own radio program called Peggy’s Place that mainly addresses issues of the African American community. letters to Kamala harris
  9. For her selfless services to the society’s well being, she has been honoured with several laurels. In 2001, Morgan State University awarded her the University’s first Distinguished Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to African American History and Culture. In the same year, she received the University at Buffalo, UB Service Excellence Award for the Library Internship/Residency Program. Some community service awards she got include M.O.C.H.A. (Men of Color Helping All) of the Year Award, Clifford G. Bell Community Service Award and Individual Achievement Award for Family Support Programs for Families of Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome.
  10. Some of her notable books are “Go, Tell Michelle: African American Women Write To The New First Lady”, “Wonderful Ethiopians Of The Ancient Cushite Empire” and the “Uncrowned Queens” series. letters to Kamala harris