Two years since the December 2012 Nirbhaya Gang-Rape case, and still, the second you mention it to someone, you will see their expressions change. From anger, to grief and sometimes just horror; the brutality of the rape, shocked everyone who heard about the incident. What was even more shocking was that the rapists were not hardened criminals, with a medical conditions that drove them to commit this horrific crime, they were men you deal with everyday- a bus driver, a fruit seller, a gym assistant etc., who raped and killed a girl you meet every day.


This International Women’s Day, Film-maker Leslee Udwin, who made a film on the gang rape and its aftermath, over the course of two years, will broadcast her film to the public. Titled ‘India’s Daughter,’ the movie, features interviews with the rapists, their defense lawyers and the rape victim’s parents, amongst others.


Leslee Udwin Picture By: Daily Mail
Leslee Udwin
Picture By: Daily Mail

The Guardian reported Udwin saying, “It was an Arab spring for gender equality… What impelled me to leave my husband and two children for two years while I made the film in India was not so much the horror of the rape as the inspiring and extraordinary eruption on the streets. A cry of ‘enough is enough’. Unprecedented numbers of ordinary men and women, day after day, faced a ferocious government crackdown that included teargas, baton charges and water cannon. They were protesting for my rights and the rights of all women. That gives me optimism. I can’t recall another country having done that in my lifetime.”


The movie will be broadcasted on BBC4 on March 8th at 10pm and will be screened simultaneously in seven countries including India, Switzerland, Norway and Canada. On Monday 9 March, actresses Freida Pinto and Meryl Streep will attend a screening in New York, according to the report.



Featured Picture Courtesy: Soroptimist International