Film Editor B Lenin Makes Sexist Comments On Actors, Slammed


What was meant to send the right message for a controversial film ended up generating a controversy of its own. Yes, we are talking about a recent press meet in Chennai to support Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’. Talking about cinema, nationally acclaimed film editor B Lenin went off on a tangent when he made sexist remarks about another actor. He also made disparaging comments about Deepika Padukone.

Lenin brought up actor Amala Paul’s name and commented on her latest film’s poster which had her showing her navel. Paul’s Thiruttuppayale 2 released on November 30 and the film’s poster had created a furore on social media.

“In CG [computer graphics] the camera will further go inside and show everything else. How disgusting is that,” – B Lenin

This was in response to Paul’s recent interview in which she had said she never thought that her navel would create such a buzz. The film editor didn’t stop there, he picked up a paper and read out parts of her interview.

A video of his speech is going viral on social media for his misogynistic comments. While speaking at the event to support ‘Padmavati’, he suggested that the Chennai International Film Festival can show the film without the censor board nod. The CIFF will be held from December 14 to December 21.

Comments on Deepika

Lenin also attacked Deepika Padukone, saying that her father and badminton champion Prakash Padukone threw her out of the house because of the film’s controversy.

Social media has turned against Lenin for degrading two women’s dignity.

Why do men fail to understand that wmiomen have full right on their own bodies and can take decisions for them? Such comments are not expected from critically acclaimed editors like Lenin! It’s high time people stop making misogynistic comments in public.

Picture credit- Deccan Chronicle