Rishi Kapoor puts out misogynistic tweet on Hillary Clinton, gets slammed on social media

Rishi Kapoor may be one of the most active actors of his generation on social media — but he’s just as famous for his unapologetic tweets and quotes, the actors is as brash as it gets and has a “I don’t give a damn” attitude for his haters. He was highly criticized for his misogynist tweet about the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the tweet not only is Rishi trolling Hilary he is also making an embarrassing and judgmental comment about her husband Bill Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky. The moment his tweet went online it got viral on twitter: media as well as his followers made theimage the talk of the town. Rishi has created many controversies in the past regarding his co-actors and other actresses but till so far his tweet in regards to Hilary has got him thrice the amount of publicity and hype than any of his earlier post as we can clearly see through the numbers of comments.

Rishi Kapoor puts out misogynistic tweet on Hillary Clinton, gets slammed on social media
He was back lashed in the cruelest manner by most in his twitter account. In a country which gives us so much freedom of speech sexist like him are often silenced by their own fans. The image he posted was critised by his very own fans and the hatred was quite evident in the following tweets-




Most people learn through mistakes and take clue from reaction but not this veteran actor. Rishi Kapoor was far from an apology instead his reply to the reactions drew even more attention towards his egoistical chauvinism.


He thinks that his lewd comments and opinions about international political leaders are fun topics to tweet on. Well his confidence is clearly reflected in his words.

It is time that someone close to the actor should really advise him on the definition of fun and the use of social networking sites, he isn’t getting any more fame by posting dirty pictures.

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