Allergies can be frustrating. Whether it is sneezing, wheezing or itching, allergy symptoms can be very uncomfortable. Especially during certain seasons. Dr Madhvi Karol, based in Delhi tells us, “Urban lifestyle though easy and comfortable unfortunately does expose us to various allergens, producing disease and increase morbidity in an otherwise healthy body.”

There are many ways to avoid allergies, including medication. However, it is best to prepare your body to get stronger rather than depend on medicine.

Dr Madhvi warns, “Don’t buy over the counter drugs for allergies without  your doctor’s prescription. You may land yourself in trouble.”

Here are some ways to keep your allergies in check and manage them on a daily basis:

Get an Allergy Test
An allergy test is not expensive. It is a simple blood test that can determine what allergies you have and the severity of it. This test can give you answers about certain symptoms you’ve been feeling and have no clue about.

Consult Apps 
There are apps available now that give you full details about how to manage your allergies. It is always best to keep these apps on your phone, in case you are travelling. Apps like Allergy Assassin can tell you if a certain dish contains the ingredient you are allergic to.

Let your Allergy be Known
When you are out and about with your friends and family, let them know what you are allergic to. Even if you are at a restaurant, tell them about your allergies and ask them to suggest food that doesn’t contain certain ingredients. If you have severe allergies, or your children have severe allergies, then you can buy an allergy band and place it around their wrist.

Keep Clean
If you are allergic to dust, pollution or pollen, it is best to upgrade your cleaning methods. You should also increase the frequency of cleaning. In India, there is a lot of dust in the air and even cleaning your house and surroundings every day can sometimes be less. Recognise what you are allergic to and keep your bed sheets, pillows, clothes, and your house free of dust.

Take more Vitamin C
Adding vitamin C to your diet every day prevents the formation of histamine. Histamine is responsible for the excess production of mucus, and your runny nose. Check with your doctor what is the daily limit of Vitamin C one can take, and try to add it naturally in your diet. If you are not able to add it naturally, then you can take a supplement instead.

Pay attention to your Diet
Diet is the most important part when it comes to managing allergies. Especially if you have food allergies. Replacing certain ingredients in your diet can make your life much easier. If you are lactose intolerant, then there are alternatives like soy milk and almond milk that are available easily. You should also consult with your doctor and see what supplements you can take to reduce the effects of your allergy.

Be wary of Beauty Products
Beauty products have a lot of chemicals in them that can cause skin allergies. Dr Madhvi tells us, “Be wary of overuse of unbranded cosmetics. A simple bindi can cause allergy in some due to poor quality of glue on it. Avoid black henna which may contain hair dye. Not every herbal product is what it seems. Sometimes they also have chemicals. SFS is a common base in herbal shampoos. Check before buying.”

Pic credits: NJ 101.5

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