US Lawyer Fired After She Misbehaves With Uber Driver

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This time it wasn’t Uber’s fault. Jody Warner, the Dallas assistant district attorney, was fired after she drunkenly insulted and threatened an Uber driver.

Warner had called for an Uber ride home from a Dallas pub, when she was in an inebriated state. She then started insulting the 26-year-old driver, Shaun Platt

The lawyer told Platt he should stop using the GPS map and follow her instructions — then she abruptly stopped giving instructions. He said they kept arguing, and eventually she started calling him names.

So he stopped the car, ended the ride and asked her to step out. Warner refused.

“She kept saying she’s an assistant DA and said, ‘Who are they gonna believe — you or me?’ And I said, ‘You know what? You’re kind of right,’ ” Platt told ABC News. “So I took out my phone and I recorded it.”

Warner said things like, “So under the law, it’s recklessly keeping me from where I was going, and you have done that. You’re kidnapping me. You’re committing a third to first-degree felony.”

The lawyer even struck Platt at one point. After the driver handed over the video to the Dallas Morning News and it was published, Warner’s employer fired her

“As public servants, we represent the people of Dallas County and are examples of justice, professionalism, and ethical behaviour — both inside and outside of the courtroom,” said Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson.

Warner has apologised, and said she isn’t proud of what she had said. But she also said that not everything the driver said was true.  

“I’m not trying to make any accusations against that driver. I don’t know what’s in his heart. I can tell you that not everything he said was true. I never touched him,” she said.

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