Lakhimpur Violence: In Viral Video, Priyanka Gandhi Sweeps Room In Detention

priyanka gandhi sweeping
A video of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi sweeping the floor of the room where cops detained her Sunday night in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh is going viral on social media. The 49-year-old is the General Secretary of the Congress committee in UP, where violence broke out over the weekend in the Lakhimpur Kheri area, which left eight people dead.

As per reports, Union Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra’s son and several others were booked in a murder case after they allegedly ran a vehicle over farmers protesting against the centre’s controversial laws. Four farmers died, according to NDTVMishra, denying his son’s role in the incident, has accused agitators of instigating violence. More here.

Vadra who was on her way to Lakhmipur was reportedly arrested in Sitapur, which is about 90 km from Lucknow. She is being held at a Provincial Arms Constabulary (PAC) Guest House, which she cleaned, as per a video reportedly released by her party. Congress workers gathered near Gandhi’s detention site to protest.

Watch below: 

Priyanka Gandhi Sweeping, Confronting Police As Lakhimpur Issue Escalates

Earlier, a video of Gandhi confronting police went viral, wherein she was heard asking them for a warrant to arrest her. “Warrant nikalo, order nikalo nahi toh main yahan se nahi hil rahi hoon and if you will put me in that car I will charge you with kidnapping,” she said.

“I am not important than those who were trampled to death. There may not be any law in your state but there are laws in the rest of the country.”

The party has further alleged Gandhi was manhandled by cops in UP while being taken to Sitapur. Remarking on the altercation, her brother and politician Rahul Gandhi tweeted in support: “Priyanka, I know you won’t hold back – they are stunned by your courage.”

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