Kung Fu Nuns Train Girls In Self-Defence In Ladakh

Bhana Bisht
Aug 02, 2018 08:57 IST

Several incidents of sexual harassment have been surfacing in Ladakh lately. Kung Fu specialised Buddhist nuns are doing everything to encourage girls in taking charge of safety in their own hands. The nuns have provided self-defence training to the local girls in the region.


Program executive of the organising body, Rigzin Angmo, believes that this workshop was the right move on their part. Talking about the motive, Angmo said that incidents of harassment against women are on the rise in the region and Kung Fu is a good way to shield ourselves from social evils.

“Since many years, we have seen an influx of tourists in Ladakh. Ladakh is not a peaceful and safe area anymore. We have seen many heinous crimes, we have seen many sexual molestation, eve-teasing and it is increasing day by day. In this kind of situation, I believe that when women are empowered and they know self-defence, they can do much better,” Angmo told HT.

Fourteen Buddhist nuns imparted training in a six-day workshop at Naro Photang Hemis. The workshop concluded on Wednesday (Aug 1). About 40 girl students participated in the event and learned techniques to protect themselves. The girls were aged between 12 and 20 years.


Girls, who participated in the event, were overwhelmed with the initiative. The students admitted that the workshop has been a great help in increasing their confidence. One of the participants believed that there's an urgent need to conduct such workshops, especially now when the society is just not safe. The students expressed how self-confidence can help them tackle complex situations.

The girls, in the course of learning Kung Fuwere taught techniques required to tackle social offenders. "I felt the need to learn Kung Fu is necessary as the society is not a safe area and if the confidence level of a girl is low, then she does nothing to protect herself,” a student, Youron, told HT.

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