Going Sologamous: This Woman In New York Married Herself

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Do you feel bogged down by questions regarding settling down? Has your search for finding a perfect soulmate turned futile? Or are you averse to the whole concept of finding a better half to complete yourself?

Well, it is time to cheer up because now there is a solution to deal with your single status without compromising your freedom. Sologamy is the practice of marrying oneself and is becoming increasingly trendy these days.

A few women in New York are getting hitched to themselves. By doing this, they say that they are making a strong statement about being self-sufficient. These women do not want to rely on anyone for a lifelong companionship.

This new-age belief among women, according to which a husband is no longer crucial to their existence is one of the main reasons why more and more women are opting for sologamy.

A 37-year-old Erika Anderson is one such woman who tied the knot to herself. On her wedding day, she wore a beautiful white dress and was seen carrying a bouquet along with her.

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Not only this, she also went on a solo trip to Mexico to celebrate her one-year anniversary. She, however, made it very clear that marrying herself didn’t mean that she is not open to dating or marrying another person. This bond is not a legally binding union.

IMarriedMe.com, launched by a San-Francisco based Jeffrey Levin is one such website which offers all the wedding paraphernalia including a wedding band, daily affirmation cards and vows to create such a ceremony.

“I think it has increased over the years, and it’s something that’s becoming more understood and more accepted,” Levin said.

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