On April 2,  a 19-year-old girl, jumped from a running bus in Kolkata to chase down the man who snatched her phone. Not only did she recover her phone, she also handed him over to the cops.

The girl, Sanchari Saha, is a resident of Palta in Badamtala. The incident occurred at the Barrackpore Chiria Mor.

A second-year student of Barrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College, Saha took route 85 bus on her way home from college. When the bus was passing Chiria More, a co-passenger alerted her that a man, who was getting down, had taken out her phone from her pocket. The girl spoke about the incident to TOI. 

“I jumped off the bus and started chasing the snatcher while shouting for help. The locals and traffic cops rushed to my help and I caught him.”

A witness, Subir Biswas said that the snatcher, who seemed to be in his early thirties, initially refused to give the phone. He even threatened to harm her if she made a scene. When the girl remained firm, he gave in and returned the phone.

Saha then handed over the snatcher to Bijay Ghosh, officer-incharge of Barrackpore subtraffic guard, and Kanchan Biswas assistant officer. She filed a written complaint at Titagarh station where the police arrested the accused.

Officers of the Barrackpore Commissionerate applauded the girl’s brave act. Adding that such fearless acts help curb crimes, police commissioner Rajesh Singh told TOI: “Police are trying their best to ensure security of the citizens. We always appreciate this kind of bravery. Such coordination helps us crack crimes faster.”

With crime increasing in the city, SHE, a special squad of female officers on scooters will soon make Kolkata’s streets safe for women.

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Bhawana is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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