More than a month after the horrific murder and rape case from Kerala that left the country shouting ‘Justice for Jisha’, the police have finally had a breakthrough in the case.  The Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has announced that the accused, a 23-year-old immigrant worker from Assam, is in police custody.  “Investigation team has received full information about the accused. From yesterday onwards, the accused was under police radar,” he said to Deccan Herald.

After days of questioning by the police, the suspect, Amir Ul Islam, has finally accepted his role in the heinous crime. “The development is a feather in the cap of Kerala Police”, the Chief Minister added.

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A Special Investigative Team was appointed to investigate the case and they have been responsible in questioning Islam regarding the murder and rape. His arrest will be recorded today, and after the arrest his DNA samples will be taken for testing.

Jisha was a 30-year-old dalit law student who was brutally raped and murdered on April 28 in her house. Her mother saw the body of Jisha lying with her intestine pulled out and marks of bites. This case created quite uproar in the state as it happened just before the Assembly elections and became the focal point of the LDF party campaign. One of the first things they did once they came to power was appointment of an SIT to probe in the case.

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The earlier investigation was criticised by the State Human Rights Commission stating that it was not dealt with seriousness. They also discarded the report submitted by the Home Secretary and state police chief calling it incomplete and unsatisfactory. The commission then asked for another report to be made and submitted with complete information including the post-mortem report of the victim. The police then also checked the CCTV footage last week to come to a fresh conclusion and they talked to the migrant workers living near Jisha’s house to find the real accused who has now confessed to the crime.

Feature Image Credit: Abplive