Kerala Woman’s Gold Earrings Lost in Paddy Field Found After 20 Years

Kerala Woman Gold Earrings

An elderly woman, identified as Narayani who lost her gold earrings 20 years ago, has found them back in a miraculous lost and found case. The woman belongs to Kasargod district in Kerala. She reportedly bought the pair of earrings about 60-70 years ago by giving away around 24 kilograms of rice.

Narayani bought the earrings from her savings from the farming she did. The story of her lost jewellery was known by the entire neighbourhood. They had also searched for the lost jewellery for weeks in vain.

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She lost the pair of gold earrings in the year 2000 while working in the paddy field. The now elderly woman even tried to search for it for weeks but it was nowhere to be found.

What You Should Know

  • Narayani, a resident of Kasargod district in Kerala, found her lost pair of earrings after 20 years.
  • The jewellery was found on the same paddy field that Narayani was working on two decades ago.
  • The earrings were found by a worker identified as Baby. Narayani’s daughter recognised the golden trinket.

Lost And Found Earrings

MGNREGA workers recently found the earrings in the same paddy field that Narayani was working on two decades ago. The earrings were found by a worker identified as Baby. She was working there as part of the Subhiksha Keralam Project.

One of the women in the group who were working on the field was Narayani’s daughter. She happened to recognise the golden trinket. It was the same as the one her mother had lost.

The golden trinkets are now worth more than the three bags of rice that Narayani had spent to buy it.

Padmavthi E, district panchayat member confirmed the incident. She told The News Minute that the case has indeed happened.

Padmavthi E said,“A few women – workers under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme – were ploughing the fields as part of the Subhiksha Keralam project. That’s when one of them called Baby unearthed the earring. It was covered in mud but they realised it was gold. One of the women with Baby happened to be Narayani’s daughter Malini. She recognised the earring as the one her mother had lost.” The story was put up on Facebook by Padmavthi, and in no time went viral.

Narayani sat on a chair wearing a green lungi and blouse as the women gave the gold in her hand.

The gold at the time when she lost it was priced at Rs 4,400 a sovereign. In the present day, it is valued at Rs 40,000.

In a similar case, a woman based in the UK found her lost engagement ring while pulling weeds in her garden. Earlier, after failing in her search, she had given up on it. Luckily, after 13 years, she found the same diamond ring on a carrot growing in her garden.

Picture Credit: The News Minute

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Sanskriti Tiwari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.