What Are ‘She’ Destinations? Kerala’s Plan For Solo Female Travellers

Kerala, often referred to as God's own country, is launching a new project to cater to more solo female travellers from across the country by creating a friendlier and safer surrounding. Here's what their agenda aims to change.

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Representative File Image Kerala New Agenda Aims To Change Solo Female Travellers' Experience

Kerala, the state known as 'God's Own Country' and renowned for its lush backwaters, serene beaches, and rich cultural heritage tourism is making shifts when it comes to responsible and sustainable tourism by promoting inclusivity and catering to diverse travellers' needs. Reportedly, the state is now launching a new plan to cater to more solo female travellers from across the country by creating a friendlier and safer surrounding.


The tourism department is now chalking out a plan to develop 'She' destinations across the state for solo female travellers. Here's what their agenda aims to change. 

What Are 'She' Destinations?

Kerala is introducing 'She' destinations – specially curated tourism zones designed to ensure the safety, comfort, and empowerment of solo female travellers. This agenda will also leverage technology and curate a digital application for women's use. 

The plan also aims to introduce women-centric travel packages and tours operated by women tour guides along with training provided in a way that helps assist women travellers in the state. 

Kerala Tourism Minister P.A. Mohammed Riyas talked about the state tourism mission to create women-friendly and safe zones around the villages and destinations across. Riyas detailed introducing a five-year plan (2022-2027) chalked out by the State Planning Board to make Kerela a women-friendly tourism site. 

'She' destinations will have women-friendly tourism zones with all-women tour packages, training women travellers operators, with food, accommodation, transportation, and guides operated by the women for the women. The project will also design an app exclusively for women travellers, Riyas told India Today.


Riyas also said the programme would most probably be rolled out in 2024 with ₹4.75 crore earmarked for the project that will launch in Kovalam, slated as a "much sought-after" destination. 

Managing Director of the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, Sikha Surendran also shared statistics of some 10,000 women entrepreneurs aiming to build a network to cater to the needs of women solo travellers, while some 1800 women have also undergone online training programmes for the project.

The project will reportedly make major changes ensuring gender sensitivity and safety amongst solo women travellers. It was also added in the statement "It’s not revenue we are after but to project Kerala as a gender-friendly destination.” 

As the concept of solo female travel gains momentum worldwide, Kerala's 'She' destinations are poised to set a new standard for women-centric tourism. 

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