At 81, This Japanese Woman Has Developed Her First App

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You think of iPhone, you think of young generation. You think of handling apps on iPhones, you think of nothing but young generation. What if I told you that a vibrant 81-year-old woman knows about apps and iPhones more than you and me? Trust me, we are miles behind some tech-savvy grandmas.

Octogenarian Masako Wakamiya, who in her second-innings, is using computers better than us, is the developer of new app for the iPhone.

Last week, the 81-year-old Japanese woman launched her very first mobile app for iOS, through which one can correctly learn how to go the proper way of staging their traditional doll displays for the Hinamatsuri festival. The Japanese call the age-old tradition of Hinamatsuri as ‘Girls’ Day outside in the country’. Wakamiya used her abundant experience in the field of technology to come up with this out-of-the-box app.

Those who say older people can’t understand advanced technology, should bow down to this lady who started grasping the knowledge in computers at the age of 60. Earlier, she had worked with a leading bank for 43 years.

The app is called Hinadan (hina meaning ‘doll,’ and dan, meaning ‘tier’) – and when you sign in, it will let its players place a total of 12 dolls in their respective positions on a standard display with four tiers. The one who places the dolls in their correct spots wins.

Quoting Wakamiya’s statement from Mashable here, “I was taught by a young person living in Sendai, northeast of Tokyo, who taught me Apple’s Swift programming language via Skype and Facebook Messenger. The images in the app are made by my friend with the shapes on Microsoft Office.”

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“The reason for making this application is that many smartphone apps are for young people and [there] are almost no apps that the elderly can enjoy,” she said. “I [would] encourage [old people] to start having fun experiences using computers,” she added.

Wakamiya also blogs (in Japanese and English languages) and shares features of her travel diaries. Through her blogs, she aims to teach people how to use Excel to make art. She was also  a speaker at a TEDx talk in Tokyo, where she spoke about ‘ageing in the digital world’.

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Watch her TEDx Tokyo Video Here:

Wakamiya also runs a club on active aging for other retirees called the Mellow Club.

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At 81, This Japanese Woman Has Developed Her First App
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