Kerala Queer Couple United After High Court Allows Them To Live Together

Kerala Queer Couple United
The Kerala High Court on May 31, in a historic judgement, allowed the queer couple separated by their parents to live together. The order was issued by the court after hearing a habeas corpus plea filed by Adhila Nassrin.

Nassrin had said in a social media video that she and her partner Fathima Noora were physically and mentally tortured by their families. Six days ago, Noora was also abducted by her relatives. She then approached the High Court with the habeas corpus plea on Monday, May 30, morning and said that her partner was abducted by her relatives after their relationship came to light.

Kerala Queer Couple United

The High Court bench of Justice Vinod Chandran heard the plea on Tuesday and clarified that it is not forbidden for adults to live together and allowed the couple to live together.

The two youth in their early twenties had met during their schooling in Saudi Arabia and had been dating each other since then. However, their families opposed their relationship and their wish to move in together.

The couple, on May 19, had eloped from their homes and approached Vanaja Collective in Kozhikode for help where Noora’s family created a ruckus. The social media post stated that the family will not allow Noora to live with her partner even if she was killed.

Adhila and Fathima then moved to Aluva with the former’s family after they assured the collective that they will take care of the couple. Instead, they were physically, mentally and emotionally harassed by the family.

On May 24, Noora was abducted from Adhila’s home who had also assaulted her. The couple could contact for moments on May 29 and after that, she suspected that Noora was at a counsellor’s facility possibly for conversion therapy and sought to get her partner out so they could move to another city and begin their lives anew.

Adhila’s friend Dhanya, who has been helping the couple told The News Minute, “In just a five to six-minute court proceeding, Adila and Noora were asked by the court if they wanted to live together, and they said yes. Now they are reunited,” Dhanya said.

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