Kerala Govt. to Distribute Free Sanitary Napkins to Schoolgirls

Charvi Kathuria
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In a bid to make sanitary napkins accessible to all, Kerala government on Wednesday launched She Pad". It is a scheme to distribute free sanitary napkins to girl students from classes VI to XII in government and aided private schools affiliated with the state board.


With this affirmative measure, Kerala has become the first state government to distribute sanitary napkins to school students. Health Minister K K Shailaja inaugurated the scheme at a higher secondary school in the district.

In this academic year, 300 schools in 114 Panchayats will be reaping the benefits of this scheme.

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The schools under the project will also get cupboards to store napkins and incinerator to dispose of the used pads. A local governing body has initiated the funding for the scheme.

Future Plans

Moreover, the She Pad project will be extended to all government and aided schools in Kerala in the next academic year.


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Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said in his Facebook post, “menstrual hygiene is every girl’s right. The scope of the scheme is not limited to the distribution of sanitary napkins. She Pad scheme aims to raise awareness about the need for menstrual hygiene. It also strives to break the taboo around the subject by helping girls to break free from the beliefs of impurity attached to it. Government is hoping that initiatives like these will help our girls lead a life of confidence.’’

He also took to Twitter to share the details of the scheme.

It is good to see Kerala Government's endeavours to debunk myths surrounding menstruation and sensitizing the girls about the same. Also, earlier this year the Government colleges in Haryana and University of Hyderabad decided to install sanitary pad vending machines and incinerators in the colleges. It is only with such initiatives that India will be able to raise a generation of confident girls.

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