Not just Delhi, every other town can’t contain their sudden rush of optimism at the sweep that the AAP pulled off this morning- including the B-town. Political analysts couldn’t emphasize more on the strategy and approach that won the battle for the AAP- putting the Aam Aadmi at the centre of all discourse.


Shruti Seth, a popular actress, best known for her role as ‘Jia’ in the series ‘Shararat’, has been rather vociferous in expressing her ardent support to the AAP ever since the party formed back in November 2012. And as one would have expected, Seth was beyond overjoyed that the party triumphed in what she feels, was a very well deserved victory. She even tweeted this morning- “Could not have woken up to better news. Maza aa gaya. Thank you Delhi for keeping the faith.#AAPwinsDelhi #AAP all the way. Yuhooooo!!!!!”


Describing this win as the “happiest news this year,” she tells SheThepeople.TV how the AAP sweep shows a lot of other parties and their gimmicks, their right place. “I hope that the win AAP indicates that the people can only be fooled by advertisement, PR and empty rhetoric to a point. After that you better have something to show them in terms of results.”


She is counting on her favoured party to deliver. “I hope AAP will follow through on all their commitments and make Delhi corruption free.”


Smita Bansal Picture By: World News
Smita Bansal
Picture By: World News

And about the issues surrounding women’s security in the capital, Shruti talked about Kejriwal’s bid to install CCTV cameras for increased vigilance. “As for the safety for women they’ve promised to install CC TV cams all across the city which may invade privacy but is an essential tool for vigilance.”


Many other faces in Bollywood, who double up as AAP fans, have expressed their heartfelt support and euphoria over the win. Smita Bansal of Balika Vadhu Fame told that IANS, as per this Economic Times article that the AAP deserves to win Delhi elections 2015 because Kejriwal has the “courage” to fight against all the social issues in the society. Arvind Kejriwal has the capability to deliver.


According to Bansal, “AAP is people friendly. AAP is the change which India needs today. People are hoping that the party will take some big actions on issues like women security and corruption. People needed one party which thinks like the common man and AAP does the same. “


Gul Panag, the actress who took her reverence to the party a step ahead by affiliating with it officially, tweeted out this morning, “What makes this victory sweeter is that it was won against all odds. I bow to the effort and energy of every AAP volunteer.”


Women icons everywhere have raised their expectations for seeing a safer India. And now, it is up to the Aam Aadmi Party to raise the bar for governance.

[Feature Picture Courtesy: IBN Live]