Karnataka Woman Offers Up Her Mangalsutra As Traffic Fine

mangalsutra as traffic fine

A married couple was stopped by police in Belagavi, Karnataka recently for riding a bike without helmets. When it was discovered the couple was out of money, the wife reportedly stepped up to offer her mangalsutra as traffic fine.

The argument between the couple and cops began heating up when the former, who were on their way home from shopping, said they had exhausted their money. To avoid the situation from getting out of hand, the 30-year-old woman named Bharati Vibhooti took off her necklace and handed it over to the traffic police, saying it would cover the Rs 500 fine they were demanding.

This video of the woman explaining the incident has been doing rounds on social media:

Mangalsutra As Traffic Fine? Here’s What Happened

Bharati and her husband run their business in Hukkeri town of the Belagavi district. As per the Times of India, the couple was out last week to the city to buy a cot. The purchase cost them Rs 1700 and with the additional Rs 100 they had, the couple ate breakfast.

On their way back, traffic police stopped them for riding without helmets and asked them to pay a fine of Rs 500, which the two claimed they didn’t have. When the argument came to a boil, an angry Bharati gave her mangalsutra as traffic fine to the cops.

“They insisted we pay,” she said later.

However senior police officers at the location, to avoid creating a scene on the road, intervened and let the couple go.